Project Directory(China)

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shanghai Grand Theater (Luban Award, Decoration Award)

Shanghai Xinmin Evening News Building (Magnolia Award)

Shanghai Communication Trade Hotel (Magnolia Award)

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 4 # 5 #6 Tenders, Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shanghai Center Plaza

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 City Hotel Shanghai

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Good Hope Hotel Shanghai

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Jiefang Daily Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Jiangsu Hotel Shanghai

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Kunming Trust & Investment Center Shanghai

Shanghai Free Hotel

Shanghai Golden Magnolia Plaza

Shanghai K. Wah Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Pujiang Times Square

Shanghai China Oceans · Ziyu Apartment

China Ping'an Financial Center

Zhejiang International Hotel

Higher People's Court of Zhejiang Province

Zhejiang Tumor Hospital

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Zhejiang Library

Zhejiang Dongyang International Conference Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Continental Grand Hotel Hangzhou

Hangzhou Railway Station

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Hangzhou Building of Foreign Trade, Grain and Oil

Hangzhou Xingdu Guesthouse

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Hangzhou West Lake Guesthouse

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Hangzhou Unicom Building

China Construction Bank Hangzhou Branch

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Hangzhou Sunshine Store

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Hangzhou Dongci Building

Ningbo Customs Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Ningbo Telecommunications Building

Ningbo Xiangshan Taxation Center

Ningbo State Taxation Building

Zhejiang Rui’an Telecommunications Building

Rui’an Sunshine Holiday Inn

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Yiwu Telecommunications Building

China Construction Bank Jiaxing

Regal Hotel Taizhou

National Defense Building Taizhou

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Zhejiang Linhai Telecommunications Building

Zhejiang Shengzhou Municipal Government Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Zhoushan Port Administrative Affairs Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Wenzhou Administrative Building

Taizhou Sunny Hotel

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Jiaxing Branch

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Zhejiang AMP Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zhejiang Office Building

Zhejiang Lishui Qingyuan Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Zhejiang Wushanming Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Haining Fiscal and Tax Center

Zhejiang Jiulongshan Saint Mark Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Ningbo Jiangbei Wanda Plaza

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Zhejiang Rui’an International Hotel

Shaoxing Keqiao Wanda Plaza

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Hangzhou Civic Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Monitoring Laboratory of Zhejiang Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision

Business Office Building of Wenzhou Longwan Rural Cooperative Bank

Building of Deqing Chamber of Commerce

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Hangzhou Civic Center

Zhejiang Fanhai International Center

Xiamen Minnan Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 China Construction Bank Xiamen

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Sofitel Hotel Xiamen

Fuzhou Shenglong Building

Fuzhou Vanke Jinyu Rongjun

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Fuzhou Vanke Jinyu Huafu

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Minhou Shimao Binjiang New Town

Quanzhou Shimao Jinjiang

Xiamen Vanke Heart of Lake

Xiamen Blue Bay

Baojia Yufeng Garden

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Flood Control and Command Center of Jiangxi Water Resources Department

Jingdezhen Kaimenzi Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Jiangxi Ganzhou Postal and Logistics Office Building

Jiangxi Tobacco Office Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Jiangxi Xinyu Art Center

Jiangxi Securities Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Nanchang Branch

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Nanchang Changbei Airport and Airport Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Jiangxi Mobile Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Building of Nanchang Real Estate Service Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Nanchang Lianfa Plaza

Hong Kong Repulse Bay Road 89 - 91

Hong Kong Tung Wan Club

Hong Kong Wing On Mansion

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Hainan Sanya Offshore Guanyin Icon Project

Sanya Mangrove Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Haikou Holiday Inn Crowne

Hainan Xinglong Hot Spring Hotel

Haikou Guesthouse

Raffles Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Haikou Xinheng Building

Hainan Sanya Malanhua Hotel

Changchun Mingmen Hotel (Luban Award)

Changchun Municipal Government Building

Changchun Grain and Oil Mansion

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Changchun Songyuan Guesthouse

Changchun Nanhu Guesthouse

Jiaohe Telecommunications Building

Jilin International Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Jilin Telecommunications Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Jilin Yide Park

Yanji Hengji Hotel

Huludao International Hotel (Luban Award)

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Mudanjiang Guomao Mansion

Heilongjiang Broadcasting and Television Center

Tianjin Women's Federation Building

The People's Bank of China Tianjin Branch

Tianjin Customs Building

Tianjin Binjiang International Hotel

Tianjin Electric Power Complex

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Tianjin Youyi Sub-branch

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Tianjin International Trade and Shipping Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Complex Building of Tianjin Power Supply Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Electric Power Mansion

Bank of China Tianjin

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Tianjin Green Island Park

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Outpatient Department of the Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University

Qinhuangdao Hotel

Qinghuangdao Holiday Inn

Tangshan Huifeng Building

Yigong Hall

Hebei Museum

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Hebei Library

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Training Center of Shanxi Financial Bureau

Shanxi World Trade Center

Shanxi Zhiben Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Taiyuan News Building

Bank of China Tower Taiyuan

Taiyuan Local Taxation Building

Bank of China Taiyuan

Shanxi Wangqu Power Plant

Shanxi Boya Duyuan Building

Taiyuan Star River

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 New Terminal of Xi'an Xianyang International Airport (Luban Award).

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shaanxi Guesthouse (Luban Award)

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shaanxi Huangdi Mausoleum

Xi'an High-tech Plaza

Xi'an Tangcheng Guesthouse

Xi'an Tang Imperial Palace Hotel

Xi'an China Telecommunications Building

Xi'an Haidu Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Xifang International Plaza

Xianyang International Airport

Qinhuang Grand Theater

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Conference Center of Shaanxi Guesthouse

Chongqing Jiangbei Airport Terminal

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 China Construction Bank Chongqing Shapingba

Chongqing Chongbin Shangri-la Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Guorui Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Chongqing Sheraton Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Guiyang Grand Theater (Luban Award, Decoration Award)

Guiyang Grand Theater (Luban Award, Decoration Award)

Agricultural Bank of China Guiyang Branch

Guiyang Postal Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Building of Guiyang Finance Bureau

Guiyang Grand Theater

Building of Guiyang Commercial Bank

Guiyang Zhongtian 201 Building, Conference Center

Hyatt Regency Guiyang

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Nantong Administrative Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Nanjing Branch

The People's Bank of China Nanjing Branch

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Nanjing Insurance Company

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Nanjing Cigarette Factory

Zhenjiang Guesthouse

Zhenjiang Telecommunications Building

Zhenjiang 4th People's Hospital

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Changzhou International Financial Center

Bank of China Tower Changzhou

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Bank of China Wuxi Branch

Great Hall of the People Wuxi

Suzhou Modern Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Suzhou Jianwu Building

Jinji Lake Grand Hotel Suzhou

Suzhou Yuehai Square

Suzhou Procuratorate

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Office Building of China Tobacco (Jiangsu) Industrial Co., Ltd.

Curtain Wall of Suzhou Court Building

Nanjing Dongjiao Guesthouse

Great Hall of the People Suzhou

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Suzhou Yuehai Plaza

Suzhou Industrial Park Prosecutorate

Suzhou City Garden

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Changzhou Guesthouse

Tongzhou Administrative Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Suzhou Court Building(Decoration Award)

Suzhou Modern Building

New Opening of Jiangsu Art Museum

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Bank of Nanjing

Wuxi Guolian Financial Tower

New Poly Building Beijing (Luban Award, Zhan Tianyou Award)

Beijing Hotel (Luban Award)

Office Building of the Ministry of Public Security Office (Luban Award)

Financial Street F 7.9 Building(Luban Award)

Integrating Service Building of Beijing Communication Corporation (Luban Award)

Communications Command Building of China Telecommunications (Luban Award)

Communication Machine Room of Beijing Telecommunications(Luban Award)

Kaichen Plaza (Decoration Award)

China Millennium Monument

Henan Parlor of Great Hall of the People

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Gansu Parlor of Great Hall of the People

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Bank of China Tower

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Capital Library

Office Building of General Administration of Customs

Office Building of Supreme People's Court

Huaxia Bank Building

China Minsheng Bank Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 International Investment Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Chengzhong Building (New China Life Insurance)

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Technical Reform Building of Chinese Banknote Plant

Headquarters of Yangtze River Three Gorges Electric Power Corporation

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Huaxia Bank Business Office

Civil Aviation Administration Building

Xidan Hotel Canton

Tsinghua Tongfang Technology Plaza


老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Beijing Datian Shipping Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Beijing Mint

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Wangfujing Club 2000

New China Children's Store

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Huairou Jixian Resort

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Xiyuan Guesthouse

Yanhuang Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 National Financial Center

People's Bank of China

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Office Building of State Post Bureau

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Peking University Centennial Hall

Library of Peking University

Bioon of Peking University

Chengming Building

Great Wall Hotel

Office Building of Beijing Municipal Planning Bureau

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Anhua Development Building

Changxin Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Anzhen Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Jinyu Building

Digital Building

Chang Fu Gong Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 CEC Information Building

Office Building of Broadcasting and Television Ministry

Zhongguancun Building

Shaanxi Grand Hotel Beijing

Continental Grand Hotel

Office Building of Civil Aviation Administration of China

New Era Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shihao Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Dacheng Plaza

Office Building of Service Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

301 Hospital Building

Everbright Bank Huayuan Sub-branch Beijing

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Building of China Telecommunications Command Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Beijing Software Building

Beijing Yinglan Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Beijing Oriental Radiance Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Beijing Customs Information Backup Center

Beijing Star River

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Beijing Shunyi Jinbao Hall

Beijing Financial Street F 4

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 New Poly Building Beijing

Office Building of Beijing Life Insurance

Guangcai International Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Main Building of Zhongguancun Financial Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 The All-China Federation of Trade Unions

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Beijing World Trade Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shanxi Hotel Beijing

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Chang'an Xingrong Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Zhongxing Jing'ao Complex Building

Office Building of Ministry of Public Security

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Beijing Financial Street F 79 Plot

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 China Banking Regulatory Commission Beijing

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Sofitel Wanda Hotel Beijing

Great Hall of the People Beijing

Capital Library Beijing

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Caiyuan International Center

Zhonghai Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 People's Daily

The All-China Federation of Trade Unions

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Longfor Villa

Jinan Yingong Building (Luban Award)

Building of Shandong Discipline Inspection Commission

Training Center of Shandong Electric Power Building

Binzhou Finance Bureau

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Jinan Shandong Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Jindu Building of Shandong State Taxation Bureau

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Integrating Service Building of Shandong State Taxation Bureau

Shandong Financial Department

Shandong Jining Broadcasting and Television Center

Shandong Weihaiwei Hotel

Shandong Audit Office

Jinan Qilu Guesthouse

Jinan Yuquan Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Bank of Communications Jinan

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Bank of Communications Jinan

Qingdao Oriental Hospital

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Tai’an Telecommunications Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Weihai Seascape Hotel

Heze State Taxation Building

Swallow Villa of Jinan Military Region

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 VIP Building of Shandong Dongying Guesthouse

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Yantai Unicom Building

Swallow Villa of Jinan Military Region

Office Building of Shandong Linyi Industry and Commerce Bureau

Guihe  Crowne Hotel of Jinan Tiandi Plaza

Commercial Pedestrian Street of Jinan Wanda Plaza

Complex Building of Shandong State Taxation

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Complex Building of Shandong State Taxation

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shandong Yantai State Taxation Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Yinglan Center (Decoration Award)

New Shenyang Guesthouse (Decoration Award)

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Office Building of Liaoning Higher People's Court

Shenyang Huayang Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Marriott Hotel Shenyang

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenyang 21st Century Mansion

Shenyang Jindu Hotel

Dalian Asia-Pacific Financial Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Dalian Century Classics

New Shenyang Guesthouse

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Dalian Wanda Residence

Dalian Yuanyang Intercontinental Hotel

China Resources Grand Hyatt Hotel Shenyang

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Zhengzhou Yellow River Flood Control and Command Center Building

Zhengzhou Yellow River Guesthouse

Zhengzhou Yuexiu Hotel

China CITIC Bank Zhengzhou

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Tanghuai Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Jiaozuo Civic Center

Xuchang Tianchang Tobacco Co. , Ltd.

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Luoyang Zhongya Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Henan Culture and Art Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Jiaozuo Municipal Building

Pingdingshan Guesthouse

Wuhan Building of Bank of Communications (Luban Award).

Administrative Office Building of Hubei Institute of Economics

Wuhan World Trade Center

Wuhan Huazhong Electric Financial Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center

Wuhan Xiangxie Shui’an

Wuhan Xinhua Hotel

Xiangfan State Taxation Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Bank of Communications Wuhan

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Guangxi Nanning Torch Building

Agricultural Bank of China Guangxi Baise

Guangxi Nanning New World Villa

Agricultural Bank of China Guangxi Branch

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Nanning Branch

Nanning Second Communications Building

Beihai Jinxin Building

Beihai Guigang Hotel

Guangxi China-ASEAN Expo

International Conference Center

Guangxi International Financial Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Kunming Post and Telecommunications Building, Yunnan Province

Kunming Tobacco Building

Kunming Lake Spring Hotel

Office Building of Yuxi Hongta Group

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Mianyang Changhong Guesthouse

New Campus of Southwest University of Finance and Economics, Chengdu

Wuliangye Distillery Office Building

Panzhihua Guesthouse

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Chengdu Securities

Changhong Commercial and Trade Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Chengdu Fairmont Apartments

Office building of Chengdu Palm Springs International Center     Xichang Sun Palace Hotel

Lanzhou Cigarette Factory Building

Lanzhou Electric Power Guesthouse

Building of Gansu Xiaolongshan Forestry Bureau

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Lanzhou Telecommunications Building

Inner Mongolia Xincheng Guesthouse

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Yinchuan Retired Cadres Center

Ningxia Yongning State Taxation Bureau

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Ningxia Guesthouse

Ningxia Nongken Qingxin Hotel

Xining Donghu Guesthouse

Xining Wantone Center

Qinghai Golmud Office Building

Xinjiang Telecommunications Building

Tower of Bank of China Urumqi

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Urumqi Hua Ling Hotel

Xinjiang Yili Hotel

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Urumqi

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Xinjiang Karamay Stadium

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center (Zhan Tianyou Award)

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Office building of Guangdong Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee  (Decoration Award)

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Guangzhou Customs Complex Building (Luban Award)

Guangzhou  Center Hospital

Guangzhou Nanfang Communications Building

Guangzhou Liwan Plaza

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 CEC Building Guangzhou

Bank of China Guangzhou Yuexiu Sub-branch

Outpatient Department of Guangzhou Zhongshan Medical University

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Guangdong Provincial Broadcasting Center

Office Building of Guangzhou Zhongtai Plaza

Guangzhou Golden Bay Garden

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Guangzhou Telecommunications Plaza

Building of Guangdong Nanfang Media Group

Guangdong Yida Textile Co. , Ltd.

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Building of Dongguan Administrative Center

Dongguan Jianhui Plaza

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Humen Mingyuan Resort

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Dongguan Science and Technology Museum

Dongguan New Customs

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Royal Garden Hotel Dongguan

Zhuhai Traffic Police Command Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Trial Building of Zhuhai Intermediate Court

Zhuhai Sunrise Garden

Zhongshan Culture and Art Center

Zhongshan Golden Diamond Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Guangdong Conghua Courtyard Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Dongguan Administrative Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Dongguan Power Generation and Dispatch Building

Poly InterContinental Hotel

Poly Crowne Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Guangzhou Fuli Yingtong Mansion

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Guangdong Yudian Information Exchange Center

Building of the Bank of Guangzhou

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Headquarters Economic Zone of Guangzhou Science City

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Fuli Junyue Hotel

Guangzhou Baiyun Wanda Plaza

Guangsheng International Building

Zhuhai Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel

Guangdong Maoming Huaying Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Guangdong Gotone Building

Shenzhen Continental Guesthouse (Luban Award, Decoration Gold Award)

Joint Inspection Building Huanggang Subway Port (Decoration Award)

Eastern Overseas Chinese Town Chaxigu Hotel (Decoration Award)

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Eastern Overseas Chinese Town Spa (Decoration Award)

Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (Decoration Award)

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Temeisi Plaza (Decoration Award)

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Continental Guesthouse (Luban Award)

Shenzhen Huawei Scientific Research Building

Shenzhen Saige Plaza

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Qunxing Plaza

Shenzhen Guotong Building

Shenzhen Guozhan Center

Shenzhen Bao’an Airport

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Heping Plaza

World Financial Center Shenzhen

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen International Culture Building

Sunshine Hotel Shenzhen (phase II)

Shenzhen Civic Center

Airland Hotel Shenzhen

Shenzhen New Century Plaza

Pavilion Hotel Shenzhen

Shenzhen Shangri-la Hotel

Shenzhen Kaiyuan Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Longquan Hotel

Shenzhen High-Tech Club

Agricultural Bank of China Shennan Sub-branch Shenzhen

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Master Hotel

Mediterranean Hotel Shenzhen

Shenzhen Grand Skylight Hotel (renovation)

Jingpeng Hotel Shenzhen

Shenzhen Nanguang Jiejia Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Wande Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Grand View Hotel Shenzhen

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Jingdu Grand Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Qilin Mountain Villa

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen City Square

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Nord Center

Shenzhen Poly Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Wensha Plaza

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Bank of China Shenzhen Branch

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 China Academy of Science & Technology Development Shenzhen

Shenzhen Territorial Planning Building

Shenzhen Bao’an Aerotropolis

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Securities Supervision Bureau

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Command Center of Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau

Shenzhen Flower Garden

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Communication Center for International Mayors

Shenzhen Oriental Ginza

Shenzhen Tang Hans Medical Care Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Luohu Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Chuangzhi Technology Building

Shenzhen City Crossing

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Jinmao Lidu

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Customs Information Center

Shenzhen Flink

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Bao’an Administrative Center

Shenzhen Baoa’n Heavenly Garden

Shenzhen Century Huixin Building

Nanshan Procuratorate

Shenzhen Huawei President Office Building

ZTE R&D Building

Shenzhen Logistics Building

Financial Research and Development Center of China Merchants Bank Shenzhen

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen New Frontier

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen China Resources MIXC

Temeisi Plaza

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Star Shine Hotel

Jazz Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Anlian Mansion

Shangjian Building

Oriscence Garden Hotel

Everbright Bank Shenzhen Branch Headquarters

Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Joeone Building

Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town

Shenzhen Donghai International Center Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Huawei New Research Establishment

Lvgem Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Nanshan Art Exhibition Hall

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 New Opening of Shenzhen Civic Museum

Shenzhen Futian Shangri-la Hotel

ZTE R&D Building

Shenzhen MIXC

Shenzhen Television Center

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Qunxing Saige Plaza

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Shenzhen Airport

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Pavilion Hotel Shenzhen

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Changsha Furong Guesthouse

Changsha Tongcheng International Hotel

Changsha Huatian Hotel

Xiangya Second Hospital

Zhuzhou Huatian Hotel

Yueyang Nanhu Guesthouse

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Zhuzhou Hospital

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Hunan Mobile Building

Kempinski Hotel Shuntian Changsha

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Lida Building

China Construction Bank Hefei Branch

New District Complex Building of Hefei

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Hefei Branch

China Construction Bank Fuyang Branch

Ma’anshan Power Supply Bureau

Anhui Huainan Hotel

Anhui Hengxin Building

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Anhui Life Insurance Hefei Branch

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Bengbu Grand Theater

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Hefei Meishan Hotel

老公刚做完儿子跟着做 Hefei Grain Trading Building

Hefei Binhu Times Square

Hefei City Central Hospital